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Temperature Sensor Calibration Services

Calibration Overview

Thermometrics laboratory has an operating range of -100 °C to +1200°C and is designed to support our research, and production operations. Calibrations are performed in accordance with ANSI Z540 and MIL-STD 45662 and are traceable to N.I.S.T. industrial specifications such as AMS, ASTM, DIN, IEC, and JIS are common knowledge among our calibration staff.

Typically, calibration of an instrument is checked at several points throughout the calibration range of the instrument. The calibration range is defined as “the region between the limits within which a quantity is measured, received or transmitted, expressed by stating the lower and upper range values.”The limits are defined by the zero and span values that were configured into the unit at commissioning.

Points Available-

  • TPW (0.010 °C)
  • FP Gallium (29.7646 °C)
  • FP Tin (231.928 °C)
  • FP Zinc (419.527 °C)
  • Aluminum (660.323 °C)
  • Copper (1084.5 °C)

    RTD Calibration

  • Precision RTD calibration with ITS-90, IPTS-68, Calandar Van Dusan or Polynominal Chart
  • Industrial RTD Calibration with Data and DEviation from IEC-751
  • Meters, Transmitters & Switch Calibration
  • Thermistor & Bi-Metallic Calibration

  • Thermocouple Calibration

    Need the most accurate thermocouple calibrations possible? The Thermocouple Furnace gives you a broad temperature range to 1200 °C, and stability up to 0.05°C. Alternative calibration tools such as a sand bath or fluidized alumina bath have been used for calibrations up to 700 °C but with very poor comparative performance. Gradients of several degrees are common in a sand bath, along with poor stability, resulting in low-accuracy calibrations.